Vivotek Network Cameras Watch over Argentina Shopping Mall

Dot Baires Shopping, an ultramodern shopping mall in Buenos Aires, is the city's largest such complex and a major landmark, attracting both local shoppers and foreign tourists through its futuristic architecture and sumptuous shopping environment.

Located as it is by Avenida General Paz, one of Buenos Aires' busiest roadways, Dot Baires Shopping evidently sees many shoppers who arrive by car. Though the parking garage proved an important asset for attracting customers, it presented some vexing problems as well. When leaving, numerous shoppers would report that they had lost their tickets from the automated ticketing system, and refuse to pay the all-day fee. Some customers claimed that their cars had been damaged while parked, claiming compensation.

As Adrian Iervasi, GM at Selnet, a major electronics distributor specializing in surveillance and networking solutions for businesses, said: "Dot Baires Shopping just wanted to focus on delivering the best shopping experience, and not on dealing with these no-win disputes. They give in to everyone with a complaint about a lost ticket or damaged car, and they not only take a loss, but it also just encourages dishonesty. But if they stick to the letter of the law and refuse to waive the parking fee or pay damages, then they lose customers. They were really stuck."

Vivotek's network cameras proved to be a solution to these troubles. Clearly, the mall needed an extensive surveillance system in its parking garage, but not one based on typical security cameras used for less demanding applications such as countering theft and vandalism. "They really needed cameras that could clearly capture LPR and details of a vehicle's exterior, so that there would be no room for doubt," said Iervasi. This need led Selnet to recommend Vivotek's network camera. With its progressive-scan CCD, the camera can provide sharp freeze-frames, even when objects in frame or moving. "That ability was a clear-cut advantage of the camera over the usual interlaced-scan cameras," said Iervasi.

The results of installation at key spots on the parking levels have been an unalloyed success for Dot Baires Shopping according to Iervasi. Persons who might have been tempted to deceive the mall by falsely reporting lost tickets or vehicle damage have been dissuaded, realizing that with high-quality surveillance footage and images from the cameras available, the effort would be futile. On the other hand, honest customers who genuinely lost tickets or believed their cars were damaged while parked can rest assured that they won't overpay parking fees or get embroiled in unresolvable disputes about the source of damage. "It's a big win for everybody," Iervasi concluded.
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