Bosch Public Address Deployed at Turkish Railway Factory

Established in 1939, Tüdemsa?, a Turkish Railway Machines Industry, repairs freight and passenger wagons and manufactures freight wagons and spare parts. Its factory in Sivas, Turkey has a total area of 287,467 square meters with an additional indoor area of 96,000 square meters. The factory employs 1,500 people, making Tüdemsa? one of the biggest industrial groups for the international railway market in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Between January and April 2010, solutions supplier and Bosch dealer Entegre Electronics from Istanbul designed and installed a public address and voice evacuation system at Tüdemsa?, based around 50 hemidirectional Loudspeakers from Bosch. The loudspeakers were installed in three buildings and cover around 50,000 square meters.

The public address and emergency evacuation system is controlled and managed from the factory's head office and security center. Business calls and emergency announcements can be made from both locations. The security center uses call stations with keypads. For the head office, Entegre Electronics designed PC-based call stations with a GUI that enable on-screen zone selection and both pre-recorded messages and live speech in the selected areas.

The full audio over IP system has three existing systems installed in separate locations in the factory working together. Both audio and contact information are distributed over the IP network. The factory's existing fiber-optic network configuration allowed optimal freedom in system design. It permitted the public address and voice evacuation equipment such as amplifiers, network controller, call stations and multi-channel interfaces to be located wherever required without having to install lots of additional cabling.

Bosch's hemidirectional loudspeaker has an acoustic design that uses 14 specially positioned speaker drivers combined with advanced filtering to eliminate any flat spots in the frequency response. This gives consistent, high-quality sound reproduction over the whole coverage area and a broad frequency response over the audio range from around 60 Hz to more than 17 kHz.

“The Tüdemsa? factory is a very demanding environment,” said Serhat Kacar, PM, Entegre Electronics. “It's noisy, with average ambient noise levels around 85 dB, so Bosch's hemidirectional loudspeakers are ideal. It's also a dirty, dusty and hot environment, so the ruggedness of these speakers is vital. The units are suspended from the 15-meter high ceilings with steel wires.”

Tüdemsa? management is very satisfied with the Bosch solution and in 2011 is planning to install Bosch's hemidirectional loudspeakers in two other factories.

Entegre Electronics also installed an access control system and surveillance solution from Bosch at the Tüdemsa? factory. The video surveillance system consists of five day/night network cameras with 36x optic zoom, three network cameras and eight-channel IP software.
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