iView Systems and Proximex Integrate Port of Long Beach Systems

iView Systems, a provider of incident reporting and risk management, teamed up with Proximex, a provider of event and information management for both physical and logical security markets. Together, the companies have delivered an all-in-one response and reporting center. The integration has lead to a proven solution for the Port of Long Beach to overcome information sharing issues for alarm tracking, dispatching and reporting.

The power behind the integration is the sharing of information between disparate systems. When data is entered into either system, operators can trigger the data so users of either system are kept up to date regarding the status of any event. This "round robin" of information improves response time, removes duplication of efforts and increases savings on associated costs.

With this integration, security operators can now receive an alarm notification by clicking a button and the alarm will auto-populate a dispatch, automatically notifying the required individuals as to the location and nature of the alarm. This simultaneously generates an incident, populating the information from the original alarm trigger. Events can be collaborated between the two systems by multiple-operators from a number of locations. The systems will "talk" to each other via state wide and even country wide deployments.

"iView Systems understood the importance of correlating system information to provide the Port of Long Beach with a seamless solution that speeds incident response in emergency situations and gives management a complete view of events," said Scott Dowd, VP of Services for Proximex. "We're very pleased with the integration module and the ongoing relationship with iView."
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