Hitachi and Avion Launch Biometric Solution for US Law Enforcement

Hitachi America, a subsidiary of Hitachi, and Avion Solutions, announced the development and launch of a finger vein authentication system specifically designed for law enforcement in North America. Avion's software streamlines and enhances day-to-day correctional facility business practices by providing current and historical information of all inmate movement, both inside and outside the facility, all in an intuitive, flexible workflow based system that is easy to learn and use. Hitachi's finger vein authentication technology was integrated by Avion to provide a cost-effective solution to comply with common law enforcement and public safety issues. Avion software features biometric identification technology, and is designed to present inmate information in an historical context, allowing officers to see a complete photo and behavioral history with a few simple clicks.

Jackson County has been utilizing Avion's software with Hitachi's finger vein authentication system to provide a reliable and secure biometric software solution for identification of personnel, vendors, and visitors utilizing biometrics.

“By adopting Avion's solution with their high security framework and Hitachi's easy to use, but extremely accurate, near contactless finger vein authentication system, we are able to increase efficiency and security in our incarceration facility,” said Kenneth Moore, Jail Captain of Jackson County.

"By integrating Hitachi's technology, log-in to sensitive computer systems was expedited, positive identification of inmates is made to prevent moving or releasing the wrong inmate and the control mechanism to positively screen visitors, vendors, and inmates is enhanced,” said Steve Cope, Avion's Director of Business Development.
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