Dutch Aquarium Swims with Killer Whale Videos from Milestone and Axis

Milestone IP video management software is being used to record and archive video of the orca whale called “Morgan,” while he is at the Dutch Dolfinarium located in Harderwijk. Secured by Web, a certified Milestone partner, has made the innovative solution so the curious public can see live video streaming from an Axis HD network camera, without having to compromise the animal's need for peaceful surroundings.

For some time now, Morgan has resided in the Dutch aquarium called Dolfinarium, and his stay is a special event. The killer whale has been off-limits to viewing by the public out of consideration for the animal's well-being, which is a top priority at the facility, but in order to meet the tremendous interest in Morgan, the aquarium decided to show live streaming video to the visitors of the park. The Dolfinarium's motto “Meet the Stars of the Sea” thereby got a boost from state-of-the-art technology.

The initiative came from the Dolfinarium, and was implemented by Secured by Web whose IP video expertise ensured the idea got off the ground. The Dolfinarium had already been using analog cameras for observation of their other animals, but Secured by Web selected the Axis network camera to operate over the orca's basin because it provides higher quality HDTV images. This Axis camera was installed above the pool and another camera underwater in the pool itself was connected to an Axis video encoder to provide more live streaming images.

Morgan is being monitored constantly by professional caretakers. The clear HD camera images are recorded and archived in VMS from Milestone Systems, which provides video documentation and the smart client viewing interface to keep track of the whale's well-being and progress.
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