Intransa Joins Security Technology Forum IPUserGroup USA

Intransa, a provider of simple and scalable installer-ready appliances, purpose-built for the demands of physical security and industrial video, joined IPUserGroup USA as an affiliate member. IPUserGroup USA is composed of companies in the expanding IP security product and services market.

With more than 20,000 members worldwide, the IPUserGroup is part of the fastest growing physical security technology forum in the world, providing education on IP within physical security applications. In addition the group promotes the adoption of network products, services and solutions.

“Intransa is proud to be an affiliate member of the IPUserGroup,” said Jeff Whitney, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Intransa. “As a leading proponent of IP and IP standards, we look forward to working with the forum in driving industry insight and adoption of easy-to-use, cutting-edge IP storage solutions that provide customers with more choice than ever.”

Each Intransa installer-ready appliance shrinks the complexity and cost of integrating commodity servers, storage and other hardware for demanding physical security needs. While eliminating commodity server and storage systems two-for-one with a single, video-optimized device, Intransa's solution includes integration with the customer's choice of VMS from both industry leaders and up-and-coming vendors.
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