ICx Detects Threats at the National Mall for US Independence Day

ICx Technologies worked with the US Park Police to help insure security at the Independence Day celebrations on the National Mall. The company provided handheld radiation and explosives detection devices which were used for people and baggage screening at security checkpoints. In addition to the handheld devices, the Park Police also utilized their own mobile surveillance towers to assist with crowd management and surveillance.

ICx Technologies has supported security operations at the Independence Day celebrations in our Nation's capital since 2006. This year, the company provided handheld detection devices for use at public access points. ICx personnel also conducted pre-event training for security personnel.

In addition to celebrations on the National Mall, ICx products and services support security operations at other national icons across the U.S., including the Statue of Liberty and the Hoover Dam.

“Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with the US Park Police and National Park Service,” said Colin Cumming, CEO of ICx Technologies. “The technologies we develop and deploy are well suited to support their mission and help protect iconic American locations.”
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