SRI International and BRS Labs Partner for Integrated Security Response

SRI International partnered with Behavioral Recognition Systems, (BRS Labs) to provide integrated security technology solutions to first responder organizations. These security solutions will allow for easier and more effective communication during emergency situations.

“SRI and BRS Labs are partnering to offer our security clients technology solutions that are cost effective and scalable,” said Paul Callahan, Business Development Manager at SRI International. “The open architecture and technology of both organizations' platforms enable clients to leverage their existing infrastructure to customize a security solution that is right for them. The integration of SRI's system and BRS Labs' facilitates the rapid distribution of video analytics. The analytics can then alert security professionals to items of interest in order to help them make immediate and informed decisions. We expect this capability to dramatically increase situational awareness and to assist first responder organizations in real-time during emergency situations.”

SRI's Direct Technology group develops, manufactures and distributes mesh surveillance products and situational awareness systems. SRI's system is a mobile solution for situational awareness over a secure, independent network that leverages customers' existing communications infrastructure to maximize public safety, security, and command and control resources. The solution is an instant, portable, wireless network that allows organizations such as public safety agencies or school campuses to improve response time and enhance security needs during emergency situations.

“Security is evolving from traditional technologies, requiring cutting edge platforms to capture situational awareness,” said Ray Davis, CEO of BRS Labs. “The partnering of Aware and BRS Labs' AISight creates a mesh network to provide instant distribution of actionable intelligence across mobile devices.”

BRS Labs solution combines computer vision with machine learning technology to provide actionable intelligence through real-time behavioral patterns. The system takes visual input from a live camera or recorded video, learns what activities and behaviors normally occur within each camera's environment, and notifies security personnel of unexpected or unusual behaviors with real-time alerts. The system is managed and monitored through desktop and browser-based applications, hand-held devices or existing command and control systems and third-party VMS.
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