Major Canadian Bank Invests in March Networks Video Management

March Networks, a provider of intelligent IP video solutions, announced that one of Canada's premier financial institutions will deploy its banking solution as part of a comprehensive video surveillance roll-out at approximately 1,000 bank branches across Canada. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by October.

“This win demonstrates the continuing momentum March Networks is experiencing in the banking market,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO, March Networks. “Our solution is unparalleled in meeting the sector's exacting security requirements and we are honored that it has been selected by the majority of ‘Big Five' Canadian banks. Given the importance of video in protecting their customers' assets, we often do not disclose our large financial clients publicly in order to deliver on their primary objective of financial security.”

The financial institution selected the March Networks solution after a rigorous vendor review and trial process, citing reliability, centralized management capabilities and ease of use as key March Networks' differentiators.

The portfolio delivers a very scalable, end-to-end, HD security solution that provides security staff with an intuitive way to manage cases and accelerate investigations. With advanced analytic applications and video capture capability at the ATM/bank teller level, the solution will significantly reduce losses from ATM skimming and other fraudulent activity. Software analytics such as queue line monitoring, people counting, and facial detection enable customers to realize greater overall efficiency through improved operations. In addition, the banking solution expands to include HD network camera capabilities on the same device, delivering important support for future growth.
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