OnSSI Video Software Reviews Military Tactical Training

Strategic Operations in San Diego is enhancing the effectiveness of their tactical military training with OnSSI's IP video software. The company stages military training exercises employing Hollywood-style special effects and actors playing enemy combatants, all captured by 30 cameras set up in a simulated Afghan village. After trainees participate in a complex wartime scenario, Strategic Operations relies on OnSSI's VMS during an After Action Review to enable trainers to access video quickly and efficiently to analyze and critique trainees' performance. The OnSSI software's integration with 360-degree lenses from Immervision provides the widest possible fields-of-view, and incorporation of VideoSynopsis software powered by Briefcam helps trainers review video faster. For example, it is now possible to view a full 24 hours of footage in two minutes.

OnSSI's networked video software can record and manage digital images to provide instant access to video of anything happening in any camera's field-of-view. Investigative capabilities of OnSSI's software enable users to review captured video in detail, to analyze it frame-by-frame if necessary, and to fast-forward or view events in a compressed timeframe. The system also integrates OnSSI's video management and archiving capabilities with Omnipresence 3-D software to enable operators to access security information using an easily-understood 3-D map interface. The combination of OnSSI and Omnipresence 3-D provides simplified access to hundreds or even thousands of live or archived video feeds.

Strategic Operations is on the lot of Stu Segall Productions, a full-service TV/movie studio. Strategic Operations creates war scenarios using Hollywood style pyrotechnics (rocket-propelled grenades, improvised explosive devices, gunfire, explosions, etc.) and Re-locatable Habitat Units, which are buildings currently styled as Afghan huts. Military personnel undergo live tactical training at various ST/OPS sites across the U.S. In San Diego, the Hyper-Realistic Simulation Lab, or HR Sim Lab, is a demonstration site also used for actual training events.

The integrator of the OnSSI system at the HR Sim Lab is Security Consulting and Integration, San Diego. The integrator previously implemented OnSSI's software at six sites for the US Navy. After installing OnSSI software at the HR Sim Lab, Security Consulting and Integration (SCI) will implement it within three to six months at other military sites, with the new installations providing improved functionality for the After Action Review. “We are especially interested in OnSSI's integration with other leading edge technologies to expand system functionality,” said Ed Michelson, President of SCI.
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