Secura Systems Works with Dutch Police to Combat Crimes at Football Games

Security and safety inside and around the football stadium is often talked about not only during World Cup or European Championships but surely during national soccer matches where there's a substantial need for safety on short notice.

Secura Systems and the Police of Rotterdam-Rijnmond together have operated two projects for the highly explosive finals between Feyenoord Rotterdam and Ajax Amsterdam. Wireless equipment from Wavesight and the SentryScope 21-megapixel camera have been used.

The Police of Rotterdam decided to go with Secura Systems due to the immediate availability and the unique technology used. “Secura Systems worked straightforwardly and very quickly. They did a great job. It is quite unusual that within two days only a company can install and operate such a complex system,” said Cor Paridon, Representative for the Police Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

“There were more than 10 kilometers of wireless connections throughout the city with a constant bandwidth of approximately 45 Mbps. Combined with the unrivalled technology of the SentryScope 21-megapixel cameras, we were able to observe the whole scenery in front of the stadium and the city hall at all times with only two cameras. We're talking about 35,000 square meters each or to stick to soccer, approximately five times the size of a football field,” Paridon said.

The Police of Rotterdam-Rijnmond leads if it comes to employing new technologies. More than 500 cameras are deployed around in the city and are analyzed in the central monitoring stations. From there the police can also access more than 3,000 cameras installed in public transport. A new feature used during the game Feyenoord versus Ajax was a lip-reading device to see instantly if people were chanting anti-Semitic paroles or other banned texts. Furthermore all field personnel were provided with live images to their PDAs to quickly pick up troublemakers.
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