IQinVision Centralizes Marketing and Technical Support

IQinVision, a provider of high-performance HD megapixel network cameras, smart network cameras and network video recording systems, announced that all marketing and technical support functions will now be organized under the VP of Global Sales, Mark Nazarenus, and all personnel will be located in the company's San Juan Capistrano headquarters.

In addition to centralizing the marketing and technical support teams in California, the company has moved to strengthen both its sales and distribution networks. PSA and DVR distributors have been added to the list of distributor companies and the representative firm Murphy and Cota has been contracted to assume sales responsibilities for the southeast U.S., with the exception of Florida. The addition of new distribution organizations and the augmentation of sales operations with four new personnel will help ensure the company is set up for continued rapid sales growth.

After five years of growing the company's sales, marketing and technical support capabilities, Paul Bodell has been named VP of Global Business Development. This move enables Bodell to bring his extensive experience to generating new business through further developing technology partners and strategic relationships.

“I'm pleased to announce that we are centralizing all of our marketing and tech support personnel in the company's California headquarters,” said IQinVision President and CEO, Pete DeAngelis. “These moves represent the natural evolution of our growth and will result in creating an even more cohesive and effective team. I'm excited at the growth in our sales and distribution resources and in having Paul Bodell focus on building new business through the hundreds of relationships he's cultivated in nearly three decades in the security industry. Mark Nazarenus, who has excelled in building a highly effective global sales team, will now oversee all of our sales and marketing activities throughout the world as we move to the next level in our expansion of markets and the personnel to support such rapid growth.”
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