Bellsent Offers Cost-Effective Intelligent Video Server Solution

Bellsent Offers Cost-Effective Intelligent Video Server Solution

Bellsent Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen with seven branches in China, was established in 2002. It is dedicated to intelligent video server (IVS) research and development. As a high-tech enterprise, Bellsent owns numerous national patents through its cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has proven its product stability with several notable national projects in China. A&S China Best Buys talks to Jeson Zheng, GM at Bellsent Technology, about the company's strengths.

Intelligent surveillance is a hot issue for security players. Many Chinese suppliers have developed video analytics, but have suffered less market acceptance compared to overseas players. “This is the motivation to develop self-owned brand of video analytics technology and provide high-performance solutions at competitive prices,” said Jeson Zheng, GM at Bellsent Technology. “We started our research and development on video analytics in 2006, then cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop video servers embedded with video analytics in 2007.”

Bellsent now offers a range of high-performance feature-rich video servers and cameras. The edge devices are embedded with video analytics, as well as its own video software for control and management. Its intelligent encoders can be deployed for centralized or distributed video systems. Bellsent's intelligent cameras offer pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) tracking for synchronized analytics visualization and other unique capabilities.

High Reliability
According to Zheng, Bellsent analytics have a false alarm rate of less than 1 percent in a busy scenario. “Our intelligent video server with video analytics technology is mainly used for intelligent analysis of images captured by video cameras,” he said. “It can automatically identify humans or vehicles in different situations, including 11 detection functions — anomaly, intrusion, tripwire, fence trespassing, autonomous PTZ tracking, unattended baggage, object removal, overtime stopped vehicle, loitering, fireworks and people counting.”

The intelligent video server features advanced Bellsent analytics technology. It includes computer vision, model recognition, artificial intelligence, statistical tests and advanced Self-learning mechanisms, enabling stronger automatic detection and identification, Zheng said.

Moreover, Zheng pointed out that Bellsent object tracking for PTZ cameras is ahead of the industry. “Our IVS product targets high-end applications and enjoys more than 50 percent market share in China,” he said.

Zheng said effective video monitoring applications require alarms before an event, a response during the event and evidence after the event. With years of dedication, the company helps government, public and commercial organizations transform video surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process. It integrates networked appliances for real-time detection, alerts and tracking of intruders, vehicles and threats.

With a unique and advanced vision, technological expertise and field-proven products, Bellsent has become a key intelligent video provider to organizations across the globe.

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