Hikvision Megapixel Cameras Pump Up Security at Boston Gas Stations

Megapixel cameras and video compression cards from Hikvision are being used at petrol stations on a major American motorway, the north-south highway “US Route 1” in Massachusetts. The filling stations are Gulf, Mobil and Shell outlets on Boston's North Shore.

Problems facing management included “drive-offs,” where motorists fill their tanks without paying, assaults on staff, pilfering from shops on the forecourt and theft of car parts.

The challenges are being met by use of Hikvision's 5-megapixel cameras employing digital media processors. The cameras are positioned at cash registers, store entrances and exits as well as arrival and exit lanes from the freeway. LPR is one of the most demanding tasks and clients are benefiting from the ability of these units to capture fine detail.

Some of the PoE cameras used have been pole-mounted while others are attached to station fixtures. Cameras are also fitted under pump canopies where shadow is an issue; the units are required to perform across varying light levels and an optimum iris position is selected automatically.

The client's integrator SoundBytes Security included provision of footage from entrance and exit lanes to law enforcement agencies who are benefiting from the search and retrieval offered by the Hikvision H.264 video compression cards also being used on the project. SoundBytes are using dual-stream cards from the HCI series.

Ed Morando is the owner of SoundBytes Security. “Rapid incident retrieval is important for these customers and for police officers, but footage also helps with logistics and safety,” he said. “Gulf, Mobil and Shell pay particular attention to their duty of care to lone workers, and the camera images can be used to monitor tanker delivery staff when they arrive on site.”

Morando continued: “The range of Hikvision products used at these gas stations is wide; we are also supplying analog and IP-addressable cameras. Both SoundBytes and the client can view images remotely from a Web browser, taking control of cameras as necessary. Use of the footage is a combination of real-time monitoring and retrospective incident analysis.”
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