Paxton Access Control Strengthens UK Gym Chain

The Gym is a rapidly developing chain of venues that offers their customers flexible and accessible gym membership. With 11 sites in major cities across the U.K., The Gym is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a modern health club for people on the move.

All day, every day, gym members can access the premises using an eight-digit PIN code they receive when they join The Gym online. This means that The Gym is constantly accessible, even after the staff have gone home.

With up to 1,100 people accessing The Gym's busiest sites every day, security and the safety of their staff and members is paramount to The Gym. “It is vital to ensure the environment is safe and our customers are protected,” said John Treharne, CEO of The Gym.

Vistec Systems, based in Crawley, specified the system from Paxton to secure all of The Gym's UK sites. They recommended the heavy duty vandal-resistant metal keypad to match The Gym's smart, modern appearance. Vistec said, “The reliability and the aesthetics of the Net2 system were key; the access control system had to be efficient whilst looking really sharp and clean.”

All of The Gym's sites are now secured by the system, with vandal-resistant metal keypads on the main doors for secure access and egress to and from the building.
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