IMS Research: Perimeter Security Driven by Regulations and Market Expansion

The world market for perimeter security sensors is projected to exceed US$440 million by 2014. The growth of this market will primarily be driven by proposed legislation in Europe, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear plants), CFATS in the U.S. and airport and nuclear power plant expansion across Asia.

The perimeter security market can be described in terms of cabled and noncabled sensors. Report author and market analyst Blake Kozak said, “The preference toward non-cabled or cabled sensors in the Americas and EMEA regions is often a price consideration. To complicate matters further each environment and application within which perimeter sensors are used varies enormously. This unpredictability is leading to major opportunities for perimeter equipment suppliers”.

Kozak continued, “While non-cabled sensors provide a more covert form of detection, a line of demarcation is still required, this suggests that neither market will cannibalize the other.” In its latest perimeter research entitled “the World Market for Perimeter Security Equipment,” IMS Research estimates noncabled sensors to account for the largest proportion of perimeter sensor revenues, with an estimated 63.9-percent market share in 2010.
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