AFN Security Distributes 3VR Intelligent Surveillance in Australia

3VR Security, a provider of intelligent surveillance and search, partnered with AFN Security to offer 3VR technology to the Australian market. AFN Security is an Australian security integrator and electrical services provider, with customers ranging from residential to retail, corporate and high-risk commercial and industrial. By partnering with 3VR, AFN will be able to provide their customers of all sizes and across all industries with intelligent surveillance and search solution on the market.

“We've been searching for quality video search and analytics for 15 years and none of the platforms we've worked with have made the cut,” said Darren Ruger, MD of AFN Security. “3VR does everything our customers are asking us for, but does it better, more cost-effectively, and on top of all that, is extremely easy to use. We're very excited to be working with 3VR and making their technology available to the Australian market.”

Committed to providing unique security solutions that fit any customer's needs and budget, AFN leverages the latest technologies to ensure customer expectations are not only met but also surpassed. They represent security products from manufacturers all over the world, identifying the most appropriate solutions for their customers' current and future security requirements. AFN Security is a member of the NSW Security Industry Association and holds a NSW, Victoria and Queensland Police Service Master Security License.

AFN is focused on offering the most advanced, scalable, future-proof technology to their customers; and sought an intelligent surveillance solution that was easy to both implement and support, but also robust and full-featured. With 3VR, AFN is delivering advanced analytics, video search and robust integration platform to Australian enterprises across all industries. Additionally, 3VR's interface allows AFN's customers to adopt the platform without difficulty, gaining immediate value while reducing the amount of time spent on costly maintenance and support.

“AFN Security is a trusted resource for security needs in Australia,” said Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. “They are committed to designing and deploying highly effective systems for customers of all sizes across a number of industries. We are proud and excited to partner with them to bring 3VR technology to Australia.”

3VR's intelligent surveillance and search solution makes it possible to organize vast stores of raw data into rich, usable information that can be quickly and comprehensively mined to fight crime, protect people and improve both customer service and business efficiency. 3VR technology makes capturing, searching, analyzing, storing, correlating and managing surveillance footage easier and faster than any other system on the market.
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