Hirsch Awarded $4 Million Contract for Access Control Solutions

Hirsch Electronics, a manufacturer of integrated security and identity management solutions and a business unit of Identive Group, confirmed an award of US$4 million to supply US Department of Justice (DoJ) agencies with Hirsch security systems. The majority of the revenue associated with the orders was recognized within the second quarter ended June 30. Notice of the awards was first made public by the General Services Administration pursuant to Federal disclosure regulations.

Steve Healy, Hirsch's EVP of Sales and Marketing, said, "The DoJ orders underscore Hirsch's position as a trusted supplier of advanced security systems for US federal agencies."

Hirsch supplies solutions for security management and access control to a large number of US federal agencies on an ongoing basis. In particular, US government customers rely on Hirsch to provide an array of solutions that help them address growing threats and comply with new standards. With the mission of ensuring that the US government's evolving requirements are factored into Hirsch's ongoing research and development, Hirsch's Government Program Group (GPG) based in Reston, Virginia, along with Hirsch's close involvement in industry standards bodies, have allowed Hirsch to stay ahead of the competition in many ways.

Since 2008, the federal government has issued several million Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards for use by its employees. The smart card contains trusted, government-issued digital certificates which can be used for strong authentication of a cardholder's identity. At the time of the PIV card's introduction, agencies lacked the technology to use the card's high-security features, and most cards have been used solely as a low-security photo ID. However, many agencies are beginning to upgrade their security systems to be able to utilize the new cards for highly secure building access control and computer log-on.

"The PIV-related standards that were first implemented by the federal government appear to be moving into state and local government, governments outside the U.S., and even corporate America," Healy said.

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