ipConfigure Remote Surveillance Improves Virginia Hospital Work Efficiency

ipConfigure announced its enterprise surveillance solution was deployed by Sentara Hospital as a comprehensive remote monitoring solution.

ipConfigure partnered with Johnson Controls to expand the existing A/V system and develop a more comprehensive nurse monitoring and video conferencing solution for Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. Johnson Controls choose ipConfigure to modify its ESM software to accommodate the requirements that Sentara issued in a public RFP in 2009. The project uses standard network cameras from Axis Communications in the patient rooms and at the nurse station. Bidirectional audio, alert signaling and camera PTZ functions are controlled via ESM's browser based interface.

The solution will enable Sentara's nurses to monitor patient rooms, video conference into rooms if needed by bedside clinicians or patients, view the patients in low light conditions and increase overall patient safety. By having the cameras in patient rooms, it allows the remote registered nurse to validate incoming electronic data immediately rather than engaging the bedside staff, thereby not adding to unit workflows.

The new solution will allow Sentara to continue to build and develop their remote patient monitoring program, as the software and equipment is adaptable to modification as needed. Already, the initial deliverable will serve as a platform to allow for future development of a remote physician call feature as well as secure video conferencing for visitors.

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