Avigilon HD Surveillance System Helps US Dealership Protect Assets

Avigilon, a provider of HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that Trend Motors, a Volkswagen dealership located in Morris County, New Jersey, has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system. The system will secure its property, protect assets, ensure employee accountability and reduce the liability costs associated with repairing vehicles damaged while on site.

“Before installing the Avigilon HD surveillance system, we were spending more than US$1,000 a month on repairs that resulted from damage that no one would take responsibility for, a cost to our business that I simply could not justify,” said Adam Greene, President of Trend Motors. “Delivering exceptional image quality and advanced management tools for quick and positive identification, the Avigilon HD surveillance system saves time, and for every business, time is a huge asset.”

Trend Motors manages the Avigilon HD surveillance system using Avigilon control center network VMS with HD stream management, which was built from the ground up to manage HD surveillance video. The dealership installed 5-megapixel Avigilon HD cameras to monitor the exterior of the property, including all entrances and exits, a storage area and the employee smoking area. Trend Motors also installed several Avigilon analog video encoders to enhance the performance of its analog cameras, which cover the service bays, showroom, storage, and customer lounge. Storing up to four weeks of footage, users monitor the Avigilon HD surveillance system from their desktops.

The Avigilon HD surveillance system has proven to be a great business tool, delivering a strong return on investment by cutting investigation time and reducing liability costs. Trend Motors also leverages the Avigilon HD system to resolve employee productivity concerns, customer service issues and protect assets to achieve further operational efficiencies and cost savings. Local law enforcement officials also used Trend Motors's HD surveillance system in the successful investigation of an incident at a neighboring business.

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