Embedded Analytics for Speedy Deployment

Embedded Analytics for Speedy Deployment

Intelligent devices are becoming more common, with component suppliers now offering embedded hardware. A recent collaboration between Stretch and IntelliVision illustrates the benefits of smart security equipment.

Stretch announced in May it integrated IntelliVision's video analytics into its DVR SDK. The partnership signals the growth of embedded devices and the advances in video analytics.

“The Stretch and IntelliVision partnership goes back several years and over a series of joint customer engagements,” said Mark Oliver, Director of Product Marketing for Stretch. “During this time, the IntelliVision analytics have been tightly integrated with the Stretch DVR SDK and have been optimized for use with the (Stretch) family of software-configurable processors. This has resulted in a series of algorithms that work very efficiently with the shipping SDK.”

This partnership allows intelligent edge devices to reach the market quickly and cost-effectively. True integration of software and hardware is a time-consuming process, making the Stretch-IntelliVision collaboration a significant cost-saving alternative. “Our customer base consists mainly of OEMs and system integrators that differentiate their products by bundling value-added software,” Oliver said.

Vaidhi Nathan, President and CEO of IntelliVision, said, “The power and flexibility of Stretch softwareconfigurable processors gave us the platform to port our algorithms on.”

For a component supplier like Stretch, value-added features make their offerings attractive and competitive. “Complete systems reach end users through an infrastructure of integrators, distributors and installers who have the expertise and, therefore, the responsibility to install and fine-tune the systems at the customers' locations,” Oliver said.

Stretch is a member of the PSIA and HDcctv Alliance, and is ready to integrate other vendors. “If ObjectVideo were to port its analytics suite to the Stretch platform, we would welcome the company as a valuable member of our growing infrastructure of third-party providers,” Oliver said.

The IntelliVision analytics suite features about 10 applications, including intrusion detection, camera tampering detection and face detection, Nathan said. It is customizable, with parameters that can be fine-tuned.

The software suite is designed for flexibility, so DVR makers can differentiate their final solutions. IntelliVision's API/SDK functions can be integrated with software from other vendors to shorten development time. “Our third-party partners have the ability to use our existing user interface, or to create a section in the interface where our parameters and functions can be called on,” Nathan said.

The final product cost, including software licenses, will depend on the maker. “IntelliVision analytics will, in most cases, be licensed directly from IntelliVision because it's better able to support the OEM through integration and deployment,” Oliver said. “Licensing fees will vary according to the algorithms and the number of channels involved.”

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