CNL and Southwest Microwave Enter Technology Partnership

CNL, a provider for developing physical security information management (PSIM) software, announced a partnership with Southwest Microwave, a designer and manufacturer of high security outdoor perimeter security systems, based in Worcestershire.

With 40 years of experience and 53,000 installations in more than 80 countries, Southwest Microwave understands the design and manufacture of high security outdoor perimeter security systems. Their proven technology provides accurate, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances across wide-ranging markets, including government, military, utilities, corrections, industrial and transportation applications.

This partnership will start with the certification of Southwest Microwave's perimeter intrusion detection system to work within the IPSecurityCenter platform. This will be followed by other products such as the outdoor volumetric detection system.

Nick Bray, Key Account Manager at Southwest Microwave said, “We have some of the most widely used perimeter detection systems in the world, but detection alone does not provide security, it's what you do with this information that counts. We are seeing end user's specifying management systems which allow the intelligent use of our detection systems. They can then use our alarms and alerts to trigger the correlation of information from other systems such as mapping, video surveillance and access control to help determine the cause of an incident. This helps with the speed of the response, which is of critical importance. It also helps organizations better manage their response teams.”

“Ultimately this partnership means organizations can put our technology to better use, which can only be good for all concerned,” Bray said. “We will work with CNL at marketing this to end users as we share a number of key vertical markets, such as critical infrastructure protection, aviation transportation security and correctional facilities.”

Keith Bloodworth, CEO at CNL, said “Southwest Microwave is a key vendor in the PIDS market. Their sensor products offer enhanced features and unique detection capabilities to reliably protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes. They filter out unwanted alarms such as the weather and wildlife from real causes like a cut or climb over. CNL IPSecurityCenter takes this to the next level and use's contextual information such as the time of day and the position of security teams to filter alarms once in the control room. Visually overlaying data from other systems aids this process further by allowing immediate situation awareness. Together our aim is to reduce unnecessary information from the control room, so operators can focus on real events.”

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