Diebold to Resell Daon Biometrics and ID Management Software

Diebold, one of the security integrators, has signed a reseller agreement with Daon, a provider of identity assurance software and services. Diebold will resell Daon's biometrics and identity management software.

Daon provides a centralized platform and client biometric infrastructure for a variety of uses including employee credentialing, government benefits programs, trusted identity services, border management, national ID, airport e-gate systems and immigration control. Daon's Commercial Off the Shelf software, industry recognized expertise and large scale program experience enables the delivery of solutions that reduce risk, schedule and cost.

According to Tony Damalas, VP, Technology, Security Solutions at Diebold, “We believe Daon products give us a tremendous advantage in a variety of markets especially the federal HSPD-12 arena. We are committed to providing customers with a robust and strong identity authentication platform, as well as support for integrated physical and logical access control. The combination of Daon's platform and our suite of security solutions further our ability to provide a comprehensive and effective identity management solution.”

Commenting on this agreement, Daon's CEO, Tom Grissen said, “We consider Diebold a strategic partner. Together we bring strong authentication and compliance to both commercial and government customers, while delivering the highest levels of security, flexibility and scalability. Diebold's reach in the market and their commitment to quality makes them an ideal channel partner. We expect great results from this reseller agreement.”

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