UK Business Office Deploys CEM Security Management Systems

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, announced its security management systems provide access control for Manchester's new landmark office development, The Peninsula. The tender to install the system was won by ADT Fire and Security.

The management system was specified by Graham Dunhill, Security Consultant with Troup Bywater & Anders, to meet the client's requirements. The Peninsula project will utilize CEM's range of hardware including the CEM high PoE door controller as well as advanced CEM IP card readers.

The 12-story, glass-fronted building covers almost 150,000 square feet and has a panoramic view across Manchester. Situated in the center of Manchester, The Peninsula is in a highly strategic/ prominent position. The ground floor and first six floors have been prelet to Peninsula, the UK's top business consultancy firm. Peninsula is a provider of employment law and health and safety services, assisting more than 22,000 companies with their legal obligations.

CEM's system is an integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging security management system for up to 128 doors. The system is feature-rich, yet affordable and encompasses all the core features of the system.

A selection of CEM Ethernet card readers with proximity technology have been installed including small and discreet CEM readers. Readers feature a graphical LCD to show meaningful card messages such as “Wrong Timezone,” as well as feature an internal database for holding card transactions/records offline. This means the CEM card readers provide Peninsula with 24/7 intelligence at the door at all times, even if communications are temporarily lost with the system controller. The CEM readers were also suited to this project due to the customers' requirement for a reader with keypad for additional personal identification number.

“Significant cost savings were made throughout the project by designing the system around the CEM high power PoE and door interface unit,” said Graham Dunhill, Security Consultant. “Using existing Cat 5/6 Ethernet cable installed at the building, the unit offered the ability to power CEM IP readers and maglocks at the door; therefore eliminating the need for fused mains spurs and local power supplies in the electrical design of the building. This substantially reduced project installation costs.”

CEM management platform allows The Peninsula to produce and design both permanent and temporary ID card badges for staff and visitors. When cardholders present ID cards to CEM readers, the CEM Rolling Transaction Display application will then provide system administrators with a screen view of the cardholder's picture and personnel details, ensuring the image stored on the system matches the individual using the card. This is a useful application for a building of this size due to the quantity of people entering and exiting the premises.


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