IDTECK Access Control Fortifies Chinese Power Plant

In China's Hubei province, a dam constructed on the Yantze River is located in the western suburbs of Yichang City. Known as one of the largest dams in the world, the facility has total electrical power of 3,115 MW and generates more than 14,100 GWh of electricity annually.

Adequate access control was needed to protect equipment and infrastructure of the dam. In order to tell authorized visitors into the facility, the administrators needed to monitor all 170 entry points at the site. As a precautionary measure for any unfortunate events, all doors needed to be remained locked all the time and allow only access to authorized personnel.

An additional concern for installing the security system at the plant was the harsh site conditions. Some of the entrances and exits are exposed to water vapor and humidity, which makes a robust access control system required for extreme conditions.

IDTECK installed 92 access control panels and 170 proximity readers to secure all 170 entry points throughout the facility. Authorized users were issued with proximity access cards, which allow access to designated areas.

The multidoor access control panel was suitable for the dam facility, which runs its operation 24/7. As the device systematically runs a diagnostic test to find the problem and recover the system, there are absolutely no worries about system failure. System is guaranteed to deliver high performance in any type of conditions or environment.

IDTECK's proximity reader is built to endure any type of weather. Due to its epoxy-molded weatherproof feature, it performed faultlessly in the humid and wet condition of the site.

IDTECK's software offered a management flexibility, which allowed each different department to monitor and manage access control events of the whole site as well as their own department using the server/client features.

The users were satisfied with the performance of the newly deployed system. They were able to obtain access control along with time and attendance management in single integrated system solution. Unlike other systems that are incapable of handling large amount of data and users, IDTECK systems accommodated their needs, which came with various benefits.

Overall, their biggest satisfaction came from the decline in workers' complains or disputes regarding the work time hours and salary issues. As the management software provides precise attendance data reports and automated payroll options, there is no room for any mistakes.

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