IQinVision Cameras Catch Football Hooligan Red-Handed

Violence at football matches is a problem and affects soccer authorities and fans all over the world. IQinVision technology helped end users catch the bad guy.
At Pasienky Stadium in Bratislava, Slovakia, Canex has installed 17 IQeye HD megapixel cameras in a novel set-up to provide panoramic views of all the seating areas around the stadium.

During a match between the home side Slovan Bratislava and Spartak Trnava, a fan expressed his excitement by lighting a seat on fire with a smoke bomb. In the first photo (Bratislava_1), one can see a nearly-full section of the stadium enjoying the game while the man with a gray sweatshirt lights his smoke bomb. This cleared a large section of seats and cameras captured the perpetrator and his two friends.
On the basis of the IQeye images, the perpetrator was identified in less than two seconds by stadium personnel and then apprehended by the police. This fan will have to express his future excitement from the couch in front of his television — he's been banned from attending future Slovan Bratislava football matches.

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