Pacom Systems Becomes the First ONVIF Access Control Member

Pacom Systems joined the global open standards industry forum ONVIF as a contributing member.

ONVIF is a global and open industry forum that is committed to standardize communication between network devices and ensure interoperability between network products for the security market. Originally focused on network video products, ONVIF has since extended their scope to include physical access control systems.

The goal of the scope extension is to create a global network interface standard for access control devices as well as to ensure interoperability between network video products and access control systems. As a contributing member, Pacom can actively influence the development of the ONVIF specification by participating in the work of the forum.

"For Pacom, it was an easy decision to join ONVIF and take an active part in driving the standardization work," said Johan Lembre, CEO of Pacom, "We believe this is very good for the whole industry, not just the end customer, and will create a lot of new exciting opportunities ahead" Lembre added.

Pacom is one of the first organizations to join ONVIF in this effort to extend interoperability between different access control vendor's products, simplify installation, and provide greater freedom of choice to end users in order to protect and future-proof their investment.

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