Morpho Explosive Detection Passes EU Aviation Standards

Morpho Detection, part of Morpho Safran group's security business, announced its diffraction-based explosives detection system (EDS) has become the first X-ray EDS to be tested and evaluated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting the ECAC Standard 3 technical specifications, the requirement for complying with the EU's Standard 3 for hold baggage screening.

As a result of this milestone, EU airport operators and security organizations can meet EDS mandates with a system that is standards compliant through 2012 and beyond. Beginning in 2012, Standard 3-certified EDS systems will be the preferred screening solution at EU airports. Future mandates will include a Standard 3 certification requirement.

“The EDS utilizes advanced X-ray diffraction (XRD) technology to pinpoint the exact location of potential explosives in any given suitcase,” said Dennis Cooke, President and CEO, Morpho Detection. “With this capability, airports are able to screen checked bags more effectively, reducing the number of bags requiring manual inspection. With fewer false positives and hand inspections of luggage, airports can reduce costs and increase ROI for security infrastructure, while travelers benefit as more bags make it to their planes on time.”

Using XRD technology, the system can accurately distinguish explosives from non-threat materials in luggage without the need to open the bag or remove its contents. Additionally, the solution's low false alarm rate results in a simplified inspection process. XRD technology identifies materials based on their molecular composition, not densities or other less distinctive characteristics. As a result, the XRD system can identify potentially threatening substances in many forms including powders, solids and liquids where other technologies cannot.

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