OmniPerception and MaxVision Enter Partnership for Mobile Biometric Solution

OmniPerception, a supplier of computer vision capabilities specializing in facial biometrics and advanced image processing software, announced the signing of a partnership with MaxVision, a provider of portable biometrics and rugged portable computers, workstations and servers.

The partnership will see OmniPerception's proprietary facial biometric software being integrated into MaxVision's Biometric Portable Acquisition Computer (BPAC), a handheld rugged computer with built-in biometrics. This rugged ultra mobile personal computer, uses a rugged IP67 sealed aluminium package that fits in a cargo pocket and that can collect and process biometric and other relevant in-the-field information.

Commenting on the importance of the partnership, Stewart Hefferman, CEO, OmniPerception said: “We are delighted to announce this strategic partnership. MaxVision is widely recognized as the manufacturer of portable, rugged, high performance computers. We see this collaboration as an important step forward in implementing a strategy that will see our facial recognition technology integrated into a wide range of biometric security solutions.”

OmniPerception has been granted exclusive distribution rights for the BPAC with Stewart Hefferman adding “We are delighted that OmniPerception can offer the UK a multibiometric device which has been specifically designed and optimized for ruggedized multibiometric solutions.”

“Our customers are always keenly interested in the best performance and easiest to use products," said Bruce Imsand, MaxVision's Founder and CEO. "We are proud to partner with OmniPerception, because their software brings some very exciting new features to the BPAC."

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