Cortech and Security Services Group Video Verifications Safeguard UK Borders

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is responsible for controlling migration into the U.K. They manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs controls.

Security Services Group (SSG) and Cortech Developments have worked with the UKBA over a number of years managing their evolving security requirements. SSG operates as a business unit within Defence Estates and they provide the UKBA with a full range of technical security solutions. An integral part of this solution is Cortech Developments, Datalog security management software.
In recent months SSG and Cortech have been upgrading the systems for the UKBA, providing further enhancements to their existing security operations.

“The security of our sites is of great importance. We have invested in this cutting-edge technology to ensure that we have appropriate physical security measures in place,” said Steve Avery, Head of Physical Security for the UKBA. ”We have benefitted from SSG's and Cortech's considerable experience of delivering the appropriate level of security into the public sector. The Datalog software has significantly reduced year on year costs by centralizing many of our operations and improving the efficiency of the control room”.

The UKBA's main control room monitors more than 1000 cameras and numerous alarms from 60 sites in the UK and Europe.

“Datalog has been a key driver in maximizing alarm call efficiency, enabling us to respond to events in a faster and more effective way. Datalog provides automatic video verification of intruder alarm activations for all of the UKBA's remote sites, allowing us to deploy the most appropriate resources in a matter of seconds,” Avery added. “Furthermore we can call upon a full audit trail of alarms in Datalog's history. The old disparate systems have now been replaced by a single operating routine, which has simplified our security operations. Importantly, the software is also very easy to operate for our control room staff”.

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