Speed Identity Awarded a Biometric Capture Equipment Order from Luxemburg Passport Authority

Speed Identity has received an order to supply biometric capture equipment for e-passports to the Luxemburg passport authority that for a period of time has been in successful operation.

After a thorough evaluation the Luxemburg authority chose the tried and tested Swedish biometric solutions from Speed Identity. The equipment has been used by Swedish police authorities for several years, both for the purpose of capturing biometric data such as two-dimensional face pictures, fingerprints and digital signatures, and also for passport manufacturing and migration documents.

"We see the order from the Luxemburg passport authority as a breakthrough for us in the European market. The fact that we have won a tender of this magnitude is a powerful recognition of our advanced product solutions for biometric capture equipment for e-passports. Of course we are very proud", said Magnus Svenningson, CEO of Speed Identity.

"The uniqueness in our equipment lies in its user-friendliness and rapid maneuvering, both for the operator and for the applicant. The operator greatly benefits from the fact that the unit for biometric control always delivers ICAO-approved data and that the applicant is handled in a fast manner, no more than one visit to the authority is required", Svenningson said.

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