ThruVision Systems Won a USAF Detection System Contract

ThruVision Systems won a procurement contract for its detection systems by the United States Air Force (USAF). The procurement contract valued at US$890,000 will provide the USAF with outdoor stand-off threat detection capability.

The system is capable of detecting concealed high mass threats at distances of up to 25 meters in real world environments. ThruVision Systems' products do not emit radiation onto the person being screened nor do they capture intimate body details. The detection is suitable for discreet mobile operation and rapid deployment for checkpoint scenarios.

The procurement contract will also provide the USAF with a complete set of supporting accessories to facilitate the operation.

“We are pleased to announce the award of this contract. It reflects the operational benefits associated with our products and the capabilities of our technology platform to function in real world situations” said Clive Beattie, ThruVision Systems' CEO.

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