SemTel Distributes OmniPerception Facial Recognition in Southeast Asia

OmniPerception, a supplier of computer vision capabilities specializing in facial biometrics and advanced image processing, announced details of a partnership with Semboyan Teliti (SemTel), a Malaysia-based company in security management systems and surveillance.

The partnership will provide Malaysia and Singapore customers with access to OmniPerception's facial recognition algorithms.

“We are delighted to have SemTel representing OmniPerception in Singapore and Malaysia. This is a mutually welcome partnership which will help us increase our presence worldwide and will also allow SemTel to offer a wider range of facial recognition security systems,” said Stewart Hefferman, CEO, OmniPerception.

“We choose our partners carefully based not only on the solutions but the team supporting them. For SemTel this is an opportune time to partner with some of the world's best facial recognition. The market is mature enough to embrace this technology and we look forward to the years ahead in partnership with OmniPerception,” said John Tao, CEO of SemTel.

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