Suspect Detection Systems Signs Marketing and Distribution Agreement with Minami Holdings

Suspect Detection Systems, announced that the company's subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems, a developer of counter terror and crime prevention technology, has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Minami Holdings in Japan.

As part of the agreement, Minami Holdings will invest efforts to market Suspect Detection System's proprietary rapid interrogation system. Furthermore, they will setup a dedicated marketing team that will receive training on the methodology and implementation of the technology by Suspect Detection Systems in Israel.

The automated interrogation system is used to detect the hostile intent of suspected criminals and terrorists before they commit their intended acts. The system can also be utilized to aid in solving crimes that have already been committed.

The system is currently being utilized by law enforcement agencies in multiple countries including the U.S., Mexico, India and Israel.

"We firmly believe in the capability of Cogito technology to aid in solving and preventing criminal or terrorist activity in Japan," said Mr. Minami, CEO of Minami Holdings. "We are excited about the potential of this product to make a significant commercial impact and we are willing to invest monetary resources as necessary to ensure the success of rapid interrogation system within the homeland security market."

"We are pleased to widen the technology's international presence with the initiation of marketing efforts in Japan together with Minami Holdings," said Gil Boosidan, CEO of Suspect Detection Systems. "We are impressed with the awareness of technology's role in homeland security and crime prevention displayed in Japan. We are confident that our products and methodology will further enhance the ability of Japanese law enforcement to prevent criminal and terrorist activity."

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