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Retail Security

With US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season just around the corner, asmag has put together this special feature to keep you updated on the latest security practices and solutions for retail outlets, and help your clients/shop owners turn some of that security investment into service-optimizing, profit-generating tools.

Security Rings Up Sales for Retailers
Security Rings Up Sales for Retailers

Shop 'til you drop. For retailers, that phrase has become an ominous one. As the recession tightened consumer spending, retail business witnessed a similar drop. While a global crime wave of rampant shoplifting did not emerge, retail sales suffered. The reduction in consumer spending meant loss prevention departments had smaller budgets to work with. However, some retailers managed to beat the market. Discount items became a hot commodity, with US chains such as Family Dollar and Dollar General investing in hosted monitoring for hundreds of locations. Hosted solutions helped reduce...