Product Profile
Alien Gen 2 RFID

Alien Gen 2 RFID

  • Supplier: Alien Technology
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/13
Product Specifications
  • Gen 2 RFID provides many opportunities to reduce cost, raise revenue and boost customer satisfaction in the retail sector. Access to more accurate and frequent inventory data for both retailers and vendors improves product availability and reduces inventory costs. Brand authentication technology enables an elegant and highly-effective method for ensuring that a high-value product is the real thing and not a cheap knock-off – protecting both brand and customer satisfaction. Promotional display deployment tracking ensures high-impact marketing and high ROI on marketing dollars. Asset tracking applications ensure efficient capital usage and accurate billing for pooled assets like pallets. In the end, RFID is leading to higher revenue and profits for retailer and vendor alike.

    Significantly reduce cost and time required for hysical inventory. The time it takes to do physical nventory is reduced by 90% from several mandays o a fraction of a day – in one multi-store pilot, anagement was able to reduce monthly inventory rom 10 man-days (4 people for 2.5 days) to one hour or one person. This not only enabled lower costs, but nabled more frequent counts. The resulting RFIDbased nventory was more accurate

    Eliminate stock-outs of product categories with high sku count such as apparel and books, leading to improved revenue and customer satisfaction