Product Profile
Avery Dennison AD-110m5 UHF RFID

Avery Dennison AD-110m5 UHF RFID

  • Supplier: Avery Dennison
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/13
Product Specifications
  • The AD-110m5 is a complete package for many item-level applications. Not only is it one of the industry’s slimmest, its total surface area is one-third that of comparable tags while delivering similar performance. And, the AD-110m5 is also generally not fazed by many materials that typically interfere with RF signals, especially liquids. Combining those characteristics with the AD-110m5’s durable construction makes this inlay ideal for embedding right at the point when a product is being manufactured.

    * Ultra-small, 1/3rd smaller than comparable tags (total size)
    * Insensitive to many RF-unfriendly materials
    * Ideal for embedding at the point of product manufacture
    * Impinj Monza 5 chip provides high read sensitivity and read/write speed