Product Profile
IntelliVision Intelligent Video Motion Detector

IntelliVision Intelligent Video Motion Detector

  • Supplier: IntelliVision
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/13
Product Specifications
  • Intelligent Video Motion Detector (iVMD) is an advanced version of the traditional “Video Motion Detectors” in the market. iVMD analyzes video in real-time and detects valid motion in a scene. It filters out “noise” such as lighting changes, natural tree movements, water movements, small animals, and even small video artifact noise. This vastly improves reliability while suppressing unwanted false alarms.

    iVMD can be used for providing real-time alerts and start/stop commands to DVRs, NVRs or other Video Management Systems. iVMD can also track moving objects and display a bounding box around the valid object. Typical uses of iVMD include outdoor and indoor monitoring of secure facilities for government, corporate, industrial, retail, banking, warehouses, stockyards, and access-controlled buildings and spaces.

    * Provides intelligent motion detection alerts for DVRs, NVRs, and Video Management Systems.
    * Reduces unwanted false alarms caused by external scene conditions compared to typical Motion Detectors.
    * Increases productivity and efficiency of security professionals by indicating objects of interest, such as people and vehicles.