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Key Specifications

IP-Based Video Surveillance with POS Integration
As an innovative network-based video surveillance solution, Omnicast boasts an integrated POS search engine, designed for enterprise-level POS transaction queries. Omnicast’s Integrated POS Search gives users the ability to identify suspicious register transactions including voids, refunds, markdowns, as well as employee and gift card sales. This cutting-edge tool also gives retailers the ability to conduct transactional investigations by employee number, by product, by department or any other category defined by a retailer’s point-of-sale system.

Omnicast’s Integrated POS Search Features
Customized by Genetec – Each POS search engine is fully customized by using the transaction logs of the user’s point-of-sale system. This allows Genetec to build customized search fields as defined by the user’s needs.

Enterprise-Level Searches – When used in conjunction with Omnicast’s Federation, operators have the ability to search one store, a group of stores or all stores in a retail chain, for suspicious transaction data. As a possible enhancement option, using Omnicast’s automated alarms, users have the possibility to generate an immediate notification or email on specific transactional data.

These real-time alarm notifications compel operators to acknowledge the event by viewing it or taking other procedural actions, as designated by a store’s policies. Full visibility of the viewing and response activity of operators to these alarm notifications is available to management through advanced reporting functionalities.

Video and POS Transaction Synchronization – Omnicast’s POS Search provides video results that include a synchronized transaction receipt. As items are scanned, they are highlighted on the receipt that is displayed next to the video tile, allowing the end user to determine if passing the merchandise or covering the barcode with another product has occurred.

Instant POS Data Availability – Unlike other data mining and transaction analysis that often take a day or more to aggregate data, Omnicast POS is synchronized with the store’s point-of-sale system. This means the data is available for alert or investigation as soon as it reaches the POS server. This feature is especially important when conducting real-time investigations.

Unified Security Platform for Loss Prevention – POS transaction search is just one of the many applications that can be integrated with Omnicast. Omnicast can also manage and notify store and loss prevention personnel on access control events at the cash office, pharmacy, receiving doors or merchandise lock-up areas. Omnicast can also alert and bookmark alarms from intrusion devices such as motion detection and door contacts, as well as monitor and track alarms from the store’s EAS Anti-Shoplifting systems. Omnicast can also create motion-based events or with existing cutting-edge third-party analytics.

Genetec Sync Video and POS Data
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