Buyer's Choice Awards


The 2018 buyers’ voting has already come to the end. is now proud to announce the final winning products of the “2018 Buyers’ Choice Awards”.

*Please note: Intercoms and Intruder Detection have no product winners announced for 2018 awards due to less valid votes in these two product categories. Details of how we gathered the product nominees, and the rules of the awards, please kindly refer to ABOUT page.

Sharp Surveillance: Buyers' Choice Awards Network Cameras of the Year 2018

As the use of surveillance cameras grows in more and more verticals, a growing range of product functions have to be taken into consideration by professional security buyers — from installing in indoor and outdoor areas and recognizing people and objects…
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The winners can be roughly sorted into two subgroups: those equipped with biometric technologies for access control and identity recognition, and locking and door-control systems with scalability to integrate with building control systems…
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Smart VCA Leads 2018 Buyers' Choice Awards
Video recording is a consecutive process. Video content, however, can be…
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Top Video Management Systems of the Year 2018
As the deployment of surveillance cameras grows in more and more verticals…
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Scalable NVRs & DVRs Top 2018 Buyers' Choice Awards
Used in a diverse range of verticals, including retail, in vehicles…
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Popular Network Devices Win the 2018 Buyers' Choice Awards
Suitable for a diverse range of security installations, the network devices…
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