Products of the Year & Buyer's Choice Awards


About “Products of the Year” & “Buyer’s Choice” Awards

With 27 years of experience in the industry, the launch of Products of the Year & Buyer’s Choice Awards aim to showcase the most popular products for global security buyers. We hereby invite global security system integrators and installers to participate and vote for your favorite products.

Buyer’s Choice Awards

The nominated products are sorted in eight categories, and will be anonymously voted by global security buyers to rank their popularity and usability in different projects. Nominations are based on global suppliers' submission, as well as website traffic from July 2017 to October 2018.

The voting results will refresh in real-time on the current Results page. Votes are not limited to membership or device. In January of 2019, will announce the most popular products in the security industry.

Valid voting time: December 11th to December 24th, 2018

Products of the Year also works with consultancy group and system integrators to evaluate the security products. After the approval process, the selected products will be announced for the “Products of the Year” Awards. The announcement will also be made in the January of 2019.

Criteria for the Nomination

  • Design: 30%
    .Is the product designed to the highest standard?
  • Impact: 35%
    .Does the entry have the potential to make a positive impact?
    .Will it contribute to a better and safer environment?
    .Will it also have a positive impact on the business?
  • Innovation: 35%
    .Does the product push the boundaries?
    .Is it unique and innovative?
    .Is it using systems, materials, processes and technology in an creative and original manner?


Final winners for both Products of the Year and Buyer's Choice Awards will be announced in January, 2019.

*Any inquiry regarding the Product Awards or campaign detail, please contact Samantha Shen via