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Hyper X Long Range Vehicle Identification RFID System
Hyper X Long Range Vehicle Identification RFID System
  • Supplier: Balogh
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 04/07/2006
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Product Specifications
  • Hyper X Long Range RFID operates at 2.45 GHz microwave RFID frequency. Ten-meter read range is guaranteed at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. HyperX RF waves can be emitted as a focused beam in a particular direction, and 2.45 GHz RF waves are emitted using antennas of relatively small dimensions. The compact reader design is also available with built-in antenna for fast data-transfer rates.

    Particularly good for vehicle access control, and parking and fleet management, Hyper X long-range technology offers well-defined identification areas (directional identification in a single traffic lane), interference immunity, small antennas and life-time warranty. It provides a total solution for any type of vehicle and capacity as well as passenger identification at high speeds and in moving vehicles. It identifies company and organization VIPs, allows access to only authorized vehicles in restricted areas and keeps records of traffic flow. It can track taxis, buses, trailers, containers and wagons, while providing high-speed identification, well-defined identification areas and interference immunity.