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AXCESS ActiveTag Radio Frequency Identification System
AXCESS ActiveTag Radio Frequency Identification System
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Product Specifications
  • The Axcess ActiveTag RFID system provides automatic vehicle identification (AVI) for parking and vehicle access-control applications. The system provides an AVI solution that combines hands-free, rolling access along with ability to automatically locate and monitor vehicle movement at long distances.

    This flexibility comes from use of dual frequencies for tag wakeup and data transmission; low frequency (LF) on wakeup (132 kHz) and high frequency (HF) for transmission (315 MHz or 433 MHz). Tag transmission at HF encounters minimal interference and penetrates all materials except metal, enabling reliable tag transmission. This also enables long-range tag reads at distances over 35 feet using omnidirectional antennas, hence no line of sight is required.

    Axcess vehicle-access-system components include vehicle tags, road-loop antennas, activators and network receivers. It provides unique features such as multi-tag read, which allows for multiple vehicles to be read simultaneously, and functional linkage, which permits decision and control based on tying two or more tag reads together, for example vehicle-to-trailer, driver-to-vehicle or trailer-to-cargo.

    The Axcess system easily integrates with most systems. Numerous standard communications protocols are currently supported, including serial (RS-232), network (Ethernet TCP/IP) and Wiegand (SIA 26-bit standard). The system can easily be adapted to virtually any standard or proprietary communications protocol.