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TMS320C6474 Multicore Digital Signal Processor
TMS320C6474 Multicore Digital Signal Processor
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Product Specifications
  • The TMS320C6474 DSP integrates three 1-GHz C64x+ DSP CPU cores, a host of high-speed peripherals, and large amounts of internal memory in a compact 23 mm by 23 mm package. These features allow the C6474 device to provide significant performance integration and high-performance density, along with substantial efficiencies in power, cost, and board space.

    * High-Performance Multicore DSP (C6474)
    * 3 TMS320C64x+ DSP Cores
    * TMS320C64x+ Megamodule L1/L2 Memory Architecture
    * Configurable at boot---time to 1 MB
    * 561-Pin Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packages (CUN, GUN, or ZUN Suffix), 0.8-mm Ball Pitch
    * SmartReflex Class 0 Enabled - 0.9-V to 1.2-V Adaptive Core Voltage
    * Applications: Range from Communications Infrastructure/Basestations to Medical/High-Performance Imaging and Military/Aerospace/Avionics