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16 Channel Video Fiber Optic product
16 Channel Video Fiber Optic product
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Product Specifications
  • Features:

    Full digital fiber optic transmitting device

    16 channel high quality composite video/data/audio/CC and also broad??/telephone/phone signals could be transmitted over one-core fiber optic

    Compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM

    Support (half) duplex transmission RS-232/ 485/ 422/ Manchester/ Biphase protocol

    Signals of audio, data and CC are ??able

    Plug and play

    8/10 bit PCM digital video encoding technology,non-compressed transmitting

    Compliance with RS250C while using 8 bits, and RS250 while 10 bits

    EMI-free, RFI free

    S/N>?F67dB(within optical bugdet range)

    Single and multi mode available, max transmitting range: 60 km

    Modularization structure, easy to expand

    Mount: 19. 1U,stand alone

    LED working status display

    Network management ??able

    Different Specifications are Available