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CCTV Surge Protector
CCTV Surge Protector
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Product Specifications
  • Our video surge protectors help to prevent damage to sensitive security equipment due to differences in ground potential, power surges and area lightning strikes.

    Easily installed between the coax video cable and equipment connection jack, our surge protectors intercept repeated surges and ground along a conductive wire without any loss of signal quality. These products offer a combined surge handling capacity of 3,000 watts.

    DC Spark-Over Voltage:

    90V typ. at 100V/sec.

    Impulse Spark-Over Voltage:

    700V at 1KV/ sec.

    Surge Resistance:

    10 ohms typical

    Impulse Discharge Current:

    10KA at 8*20  sec. (Short Wave)

    100A at 10*1000  sec. (Long Wave)

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