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Connection box central surveillance management system

Connection box central surveillance management system

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Product Specifications
  • Cable connection box system

    Stainless steel agraffe electronic-lock matched with connection box

    Password unlocking

    Real line connection

    A pair of line for signal transfer and power supply synchronously

    Build-in electronic lock controller,anti-jamming,anti-lightening strike,anti-water,anti-theft

    Modularized configuration

    To manage the connection box through accessing internet

    Modularized bypass power supply

    Watchdog self-recovery function

    Optical fiber cable connection box system

    Bulid-in electronic lock,anti-water,anti-theft

    Telephone line for electronic-lock circuit power supply

    Time patrol with the lock

    Modularized design

    Two-level network configuration

    Console detect the surveillance management terminal

    Visible operation

    Multi-level authorization configuration