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Vi1216VPD Transeceiver Device
Vi1216VPD Transeceiver Device
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Product Specifications
  • Features

    - Combines Video, Power, and Data into a single RJ-45 4-pair cable for up to 750 feet (250m)

    - Supports up to 16 cameras

    - Built-in passive transceivers with surge protection

    - Power present indicator for each camera

    - 60 dB cross talk and noise immunity

    - 19", low profile 1U wall or rack-mountable

    - Individual 1.5 A self-resetting power fuse for each channel

    - Can use any third party class 2 power supply

    - Designed for structured wiring applications

    - Limited Lifetime warranty


    - Security and Surveillance

    - Elevator Surveillance

    - Casino Security

    - Hospitals and Airports

    - School Campuses


    The Vi1216VPD is a passive transeceiver device that combines video, PTZ data, and camera power over a single 4-pair UTP cable to simplify CCTV installations in a structured wiring environment. It supports up to 16 cameras for up to 750 feet and is designed to be installed in the control room. The VI1216VPD receives low-voltage camera power from any third-party multioutput Class 2 power supply. Each camera power output is equipped with a self-resetting fuse for extra protection.

    At the camera end the Vi1053VPD video balun/combiner provides Video, power and data on separate outputs. The VI1216VPD should be installed at the "Head End". The video connections are through 16 BNC connectors and Coax cables to the DVR. The data connections to the DVR are through 4-pair RJ-45 cables. All equipment follow industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts. The Vi1216VPD is an ideal CCTV component for structured cabling environment. The smart choice for quality video

    Wire and Cable Recommendations

    The Vigitron products are designed to be used with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring. The UTP wire must be 24AWG - 12AWG or Category 2 - 7 cable. Multi-pair cable with an overall shield is acceptable, however individually shielded pairs should be avoided, Multiple UTP Video feeds can be operated in the same communication cable along with telephone, computer, control signals and low power voltages. While UTP video may be routed through punch-down block terminals, any resistive, capacitive or inductive devices (such as Ttaps or MOV''s) must not be used. For more specific information regarding wire types and proper installation techniques, please contact Vigitron for technical assistance.