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High Temperature Polyurethane RFID Tags
High Temperature Polyurethane RFID Tags
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Product Specifications
  • Polycarbonate tag containing for high temperature rugged environments containing a RFID module and antenna

    Mechanical dimensions:

    Diameter / Hole / Thickness

    ;20mm ∮ 0.2mm / - / 2.2mm ∮ 0.3mm

    ;25mm ∮ 0.2mm / 3mm ∮ 0.2mm / 3.2mm ∮ 0.3mm

    ;30mm ∮ 0.2mm / 3mm ∮ 0.2mm / 2.2mm ∮ 0.3mm

    Chip Type:

    ;Atmel series, EM series, Hitag series, I-code series, Mifare series


    ;LF operating frequency: 125kHz* ∮ 6kHz

    ;HF operating frequency: 13.56MHz Reader Standard (ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443)


    ;Storage: -25C to +115C

    ;Operating: -25C to +75C


    ;Polycarbonate half shell housing

    ;Copper wire antenna and module potted in polyurethane

    ;Enclosure rating: IP67


    ;Colour: white, black or blue

    ;Code printing: colour white or black

    ;1 side logo printing, adhesive backing, custom housing


    ;Delivered in shrink wrapped foil and packed in a box

    Type Number:

    ;TGU-XX (Polyurethane Tag, XX denotes IC)

    *frequency adjustment 100kHz~150kHz