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Ink Jet Printable Smart Labels
Ink Jet Printable Smart Labels
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Product Specifications
  • Pre-cut adhesive paper labels, delivered on A4 sheets, with RFID module and coil antenna. Thickness to fit into standard ink jet printers.

    Mechanical dimensions:

    ;Dimension (LxW): 210mm x 297mm

    ;Thickness: 0.58mm ∮ 0.02mm

    Chip Type:

    ;I-code SLI, Mifare S50, Mifare Ultra light


    ;HF operating frequency: 13.56MHz Reader Standard (ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 14443)


    ;Storage: -25C to +65C

    ;Operating: -25C to +65C


    ;Ink jet printable paper

    ;Copper wire antenna and module

    ;White matt PVC or PETG inlay

    Labels per sheet:

    ;Dimension (LxW): 32 mm x 32 mm; 40mm x 40 mm; 86 mm x 54 mm

    ;No. per A4 sheet: 40; 24; 10


    ;Round or square corners


    ;Delivered in A4 sized sheets, packed in cartons

    Type Number:

    ;PTIPA-XX (Ink jet printable Paper Tickets, XX denotes IC)

    *DTUL (Deflection Temperature Under Load)